Saturday, July 20, 2013

Getting There

It's All Coming Together.

   The last week has been really exciting for me, personally.  The book is getting longer, and I am making good decisions to support the book and its progress.  I am excited to announce that my dear friend, Krysta Drechsler, has graciously agreed to be the official editor for Never Close Enough.

   Equally as exciting, I have sent the first 12 chapters out to a group of readers to get valuable feedback to help in this new process.  I have been really pleased with the readers' feedback so far, and it seems like everyone I have heard back from is enjoying the book.  I cannot express the amount of joy it brings to me to hear people say they like my book. 

   Things I am looking forward to:
   1) Cover art.  I am constantly thinking about the cover, as I understand what a huge impact an awesome cover can have on getting readers interested in your book.  Brook Hryciw, another dear dear friend of mine is also lending me her talents to acheive the most amazing book cover ever.
   2) Letting Ella and Porter lead me wherever they are going.  I often find that I have a clear path for them, but they always find a way to lead me somewhere better than I had planned.
   3) Editing!  I cannot wait to see what Krysta gets out of my first draft (besides the numerous spelling and grammar mistakes I know  are waiting for her).  If there's anyone I know who can use their abilities to make Ella and Porter's story better, and push me further along in the process, it's Krysta.
   4) The happiness that comes as I continue to indulge in something that not only brings me satisfaction, but fills some weird void I never knew I felt until I started this process.  Finding something that I enjoy doing that I might be a little bit good at, it's very rewarding.